Make powerful tools exactly how you want

Create uses AI to turn descriptions into tools built with code...in minutes

Write to build

Save your eng team hours. It's just English, so your non technical teammates can make changes.

Share with your team. Collaboration built in to finish faster.

Code under
the hood

Create outputs the same code your engineers would write. Customize-able, extensible, maintainable, and export-able.

Make it look and work exactly how you want.

Adding a REST API

Skip the hook up

Upload your Swagger docs, describe your tool, and Create figures out how to hook up your UI to your API.

Build workflows on top of any REST API, whether production, Airtable, Supabase, Xano, or something else.


100s of components for tables, grids, lists, cards, maps, search, filtering, and more.

Use React libraries like Chakra or Shadcn.
Or build your own library to share with your team.

Add ChatGPT

AI power in minutes

Take advantage of our built in AI integrations like ChatGPT, Claude 3, OpenAI Content Moderation, and GPT Vision to add AI automation to your workflows

GPT Vision
Web Scraper

Make tools with powerful capabilities in minutes

Just describe how the tool should work, and integrate APIs automagically.

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Customer table
Customer table

Track your latest deals in a custom view on top of your CRM

Admin dashboard

Hook your APIs up to custom charts and tables to take action on your data

Reviews classification
AI Reviews Classification

Use AI on your data in batch and make tools that speed up your team

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Start building your own AI tools today.
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