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Make tools that can do anything you can do with ChatGPT. Summarize, draft, classify, or chat.

GPT-4 Vision

Interpret images with AI. Parse text, analyze, classify, summarize, or review images you have.

Stable Diffusion

Generate images with AI. Make images for your content or blog posts.


The latest open source models on the fastest infra. Perfect for super speedy AI.

Claude 3

Make tools with Anthropic's Claude 3 models. Take advantage of larger context.  

Google Gemini

Make tools that take advantage of Google Gemini models.

OpenAI Content Moderation

Flag and filter offensive, hateful, or sexual content quickly.

Web scraping

Grab the text or html of any open internet page and then parse it with AI. Do automated research.  

Google Search

Search the web and use the information on top results to build tools that help your team.

Google Maps

Add Google Maps to your app to quickly show points of interest.

Google Translate

Make tools powered by translation to quickly localize content.

Google Places

Make autocompletes for common points of interest to make it easier for your users to find things

Local Business

Use tools that use insights from local business search data on the web


Add standard charts and graphs tools to your tools to make dashboard, data visualizations, and more

Google Image Search

Make apps that use image results from around the web

PDF Generation

Make tools that turn your content into PDFs. Great for invoices, proposals, and more.

Audio transcription

Transcribe audio files and use AI on the text

Document Scanner

Quickly grab information from documents.

QR Codes

Generate QR Codes for any link

File conversion

Turn your files into useable formats in batch

Email validation

Generate QR Codes for any link

Create Pro

Bring your own REST API

With Create Pro, build tools that talk to any REST API - whether it's for your production DB, Superbase, Xano, or Airtable.

Just describe how you want the tool to work, and Create hooks it up to your data with AI.

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Site parser

Use web scraping and ChatGPT to summarize websites. Fully customizeable.

Admin dashboard

Create custom visualizations with charts just by describing them

Reviews classification
AI reviews classification

Use AI on your data in batch and make tools that speed up your team

Nonprofit email generator

Use AI for lead gen tools, like this non profit fundraising email generator

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